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ADS Programming Services Hosted VoIP Services

Reliable communication solutions without hidden costs and overcomplicated usage have become the necessity for small to medium-sized businesses in their venture for a competitive edge in today’s competitive globalized market. VoIP solutions from ADS Programming Services help implement affordable and modern communication features that are fully customizable to your needs.


ADS Programming Services, Inc.’s hosted VoIP functions include other integrated services such as call centers, conferencing, voice, video, fax mail as well as mobile integration. On top of that, all setup and configuration are easily managed via Web Portal thus enabling companies to reach multiple clients worldwide with ease. Not only do we help increase corporate revenue, we also help deliver more cost-effectiveness. VoIP phone solutions from ADS Programming Services are:

  • Economically efficient - routing calls through the Internet is far cheaper than using a traditional phone system
  • Multifunctional - including call forwarding, hold music, collaboration and video conferencing
  • User-friendly - thanks to interfaces and systems that don’t require hours of training
  • Reliable – 24/7 maintenance of hosted systems
  • Convenient – answer calls even in remote locations via laptop or forwarding to a mobile phone
  • Eco-friendly – cut travel costs and paper waste by sharing information online

Hosted VoIP vs. Traditional Business Phone Service

 Hosted VoIP Analog/Traditional
 Scalability Unlimited 1-10K Users with a limited number of IP phones available
 Multi-site Networking Uniform dialing plans
Full features
Centralized management
Complicated dialing plans
Restricted features
Service Islands
 Total Cost of Ownership Lowered cost with outsourcing Higher costs overall
 Open and Standards Open and 3rd Party CPE SIP-based Limited CPE Proprietary control
 Technology Risk Service Provider's responsibility Your responsibility
 Operations and Management Centralized management system
Located at CO/Data Center
Supports multi-location and multi-terminal usage
 Separate management system
Located at customer site
Supports single-site, non-networked usage

Why Hosted Business VoIP?

Besides helping boost profits, our services also minimize maintenance issues while delivering a feature-rich VoIP experience. Streamline daily business operations and take a step towards the future. Long gone are the days where companies and technology are independent from one another; find out what happens when the two merge today.

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